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Item PM443, DR. J. WEBSTER’S – CEREVISIA / ANGLICANA DUPLEX – Embossed on the Front are Pictures of a Lion, a Shield with Three Birds, and a Banner with Scrolls at each end, medium to deep emerald green, Open Pontil, 7 3/8” high, very bold embossing, lots of whittle, sparkling perfect condition, the finest possible example of this very rare and beautiful bottle, ex-Samuel Greer collection lot 1317, America circa 1830 to 1850, Sold


Note: Like many other early medicines, this one was sold in England and America. Research done in England and the United States has revealed the differences in the bottles used in the two countries. This example is clearly an American-made bottle.


Note : Differences between American and English Bottles:


                        No embossing below the scroll on front panel

                        One side panel has no embossing

                        Pontil is open pontil or iron pontil

                        Color – blue green or in this case deep emerald green



            “London” embossed below the scroll on front panel

            “Edwd Slee” embossed on side panel

            Pontil is sand chip type

            Color – usually olive green, never deep emerald green

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