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About Us


We have been collectors and dealers of antique bottles for over 45 years, and live in rural Pennsylvania where there are more deer than people. We got into antique bottles like most people do--digging in the local ghost towns. Gradually we got interested and more knowledgeable about bitters, flasks, and other antique bottles, and started going to and setting up at bottle shows. Forty plus years later you will still see us at bottle shows and bottle auctions. We will purchase quality bottles one at a time or an entire collection.

When you take a look at our bottles and flasks, you will notice that we are very particular in what we buy and sell. Each item is carefully scrutinized and cataloged. Our local Post Office says we should put on a clinic entitled "how to correctly package bottles for shipment in the mails."

Prominent bitters and flask collector Sandor Fuss has said "In my own professional opinion, to amass a collection of anything you have to find someone you can trust. They have to be the most knowledgeable and honest people you can find, in my case I was lucky to have found Ed Gray. You simply must find a mentor, it can be through an auction house or it can be a dealer and I went with Gray."


Chris Hartz has written "it's a 'Gray' bottle meaning honesty and integrity."

All our bottles are guaranteed--you will be happy with them or you can send them back.

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