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Pontiled Medicines For Sale


Click on the Pontiled Medicine Picture Below for More Information

Item PM352,
Boyden's Alterative
Item PM412, Louden & Cos Alterative Philada
Item PM414, Mc Comie’s Compound  Restorative
Item PM420,
Christie’s Magnetic Fluid
Item PM422, Jones J.D. Park Cincinnati. O
American  Cholagogue
Item PM435
DR H. Austin's Genuine Ague Balsam Plymouth. O

Item PM440
Jones' American Cholagogue Barnes & Park 304 Broadway N.Y.

Item PM442
Carters Spanish Mixture

Item PM448, Dr. Davis’s Depurative Phila
Item PM449, Wilson Fairbank & Co Sole Agents Syrup Of Ginseng & Malva – 45 Hanover St Boston
Item PM451, Doctor P. Halls Cough Remedy Erie PA
Item PM453, C. S. Emerson's American Hair Restorative Cleveland Ohio Price $100
Item PM454, H. Lake's Indian Specific
Item PM456, Louden & Co's Cherokee Liniment Philada
Item PM457, Beekman's
Pulmonic Syrup New York
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