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Item PM388, DR ROBERTSONS – FAMILY / MEDICINE – PREPARED – ONLY BY / T.W. DYOTT, greenish aqua, Open Pontil, 5 3/8” high, thin flared lip, nicely whittled, sparkling perfect condition. If not the “Holy Grail” of aqua pontiled medicines, this at least has to be one of the most desirable ones. It is known to be one of the earliest embossed medicines dating back to 1809 or earlier. In an 1809 advertisement Dyott stated the bottles he used for his medicine were American made and “inscribed” with the exact wording that is embossed on this bottle. I have found only two perfect examples that have been sold at auction in the last thirty-five years. This is probably one of those bottles. Here is your chance to own an icon of pontiled medicine collecting, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania circa 1807 to 1820?, Sold

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