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Item FL871, GII-54, Eagle – American Flag / “FOR OUR COUNTRY”, olive yellow, Pint, Open Pontil, sheared lip, bold embossing, thousands of tiny bubbles in the glass, has a small star crack at the edge of the ribs on the Flag side, one leg appears to be a darker colored line about 3/8” long while the others legs are almost impossible to see. This flaw appears to be in-making and seems to be confined to the inside surface. Otherwise it is in sparkling perfect condition. This mold is very difficult to acquire in a color other than aqua. Of the few colored ones we know of this one has the best color by far. Without the flaw it would be at least an $18,000+ flask. Attributed to COFFIN & HAY, HAMMONTON, NEW JERSEY, circa 1836 to 1840, Sold

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