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Item SW187, Handled Whiskey Jug, B. F & Co / N Y on applied seal on lower handle rigoree, medium amber, Open Pontil, 9 1/8” high, applied handle, applied top with pour spout, pattern molded with 26 vertical ribs, has bold ribbing and a very bold impression on the seal, has three small (3/8”) fine cracks extending down from the upper handle attachment, also a tiny (1/8”) flake at the corner of the base.

This entire bottle is handmade by an expert glass blower, This jug is extremely rare with only a few known examples and the few we know of all have cracks at the handle attachment. Probably made for Buckley Fiske & Co. in New York City circa 1858 to 1862. Yes, it has some minor flaws but where would you get a better one? $1,900


Note: I recently learned that there are two sizes of these bottles, with this one being the smaller size. The large size is only about an inch taller but must hold twice the volume of the small size. Picture #6 shows the two sizes together.

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