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Item PT064, Early Midwestern Globular Bottle, nearly identical to plate 95, #1 on page 357 of “American Bottles & Flasks by McKearin & Wilson, bright light emerald green, 12 vertical ribs, 8 ¼” high, solid Pontil Scar, large out-folded lip, has a few small very minor wear scratches otherwise perfect condition. We consider this to be an important early American pattern molded bottle. Attributed to Pittsburgh, PA circa 1800 to 1830, a very rare and exciting “new find” from a small auction in Ohio, Sold


Note: American vertical ribbed globular bottles are rare. Most of the known examples are aqua or some shade of amber in color. Green examples are extremely rare. This one has outstanding form, brilliant green color, an extremely rare rib count and is the second tallest vertical ribbed globular bottle we have seen.

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