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Item PM381, COOKE’S – SARSAPARILLA (on shoulder), deep cobalt blue, large tubular Open Pontil, 7 7/8” high, tapered applied top, highly whittled, has two small flakes (3/16” + 1/16”) at the edge of the base that have been buffed out, it also has some light wear scratching which is not distracting or easily noticed. I doubt if this is a dug bottle and it has not been cleaned. It has no lip issues and no stain. These have always been considered to be a medical product not a soda. They come in black amethyst, yellow green, and cobalt. They are all very rare to unique. I have three auction prices for cobalt in 35 years and they all have lip damage and other defects. One with a 3/16” lip chip brought $5,463 in 2017. This is arguably one of the better examples. A gorgeous bottle in terms of color and whittle, America circa 1850, Sold

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