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Item MW082, S-46B, PAVILION & UNITED STATES SPRING CO / U S / SARATOGA / N. Y., deep bluish emerald green, Pint, applied double tapered top, bold embossing, excellent character with bubbles and whittle, this is an attic bottle with nice bright surface luster, it has a pin-head size flake at the corner of the base, also on the underside of the base there is a 1/8” X 3/8” flake, this larger flake on the base does not show at all when the bottle is displayed. This is an extremely rare and desirable Mineral Water Bottle, and one that few collectors have in their collection. We have only two auction prices for this bottle, the last one being this exact example which brought $5750 in 2017, circa 1868 to 1885, Sold

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