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Item FL695, GI-25, Bust of George Washington, “BRIDGETOWN NEW JERSEY – Classical Bust, “BRIDGETOWN NEW JERSEY, light to medium bluish emerald green, Quart, Open Pontil, sheared lip, good crudeness with surface texture and thousands of tiny bubbles in the glass. Has a few tiny spots of high point wear and a few pinhead spots of lip roughness. A very difficult flask to find in a color other than aqua. I can find only three colored examples being sold at auction in the last twenty years and this is one of those. In 2012 a topaz colored one sold for $52,650 at auction. This is a beautiful flask in a beautiful and exceedingly rare color. Made at the BRIDGETON GLASS WORKS circa 1836 to 1841, Sold

Note: picture 5 shows this flask with an aqua flask to compare color

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