Item FL687, GI-112, “LOUIS KOSSUTH” over Kossuth Flanked by Four Flags – A Steam Ship Over the Words “USS STEAM FRIGATE / MISSISSIPPI / S. HUFFSEY – On Base “PH. DOFLEIN / MOLD MAKER / NTH. 5t St 84”, Quart Calabash Flask, bright golden yellow with a slight amber tone in some areas, Iron Pontil, bold embossing, good crudeness with whittle, bubbles and spiral stretch lines on the surface of the neck. Has a few speckles of inside haze which are faint and not easy to spot. Also, there is a pinhead size bruise on top of a tiny bubble on the shoulder above the ship. Otherwise perfect condition. A great example in a very rare and spectacular color. I only have auction records for two others in this spectacular color, both from major collections. In 2014 the one from the McCandless collection brought $15,210. The other one was from the Blaske collection. Made for Samuel Huffsey of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 1850 to 1855, $10,000