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Item BT452, C-150 CINCHONA BITTERS – (embossed cherry) – A. H. ADAMS, 6 sided with an indented panel on each side, smooth base, medium amber, 10” high, applied top, bold embossing, some interesting bubbles in the glass, has a tiny (1/8”) shallow flake off the edge of the base otherwise perfect condition.

This bottle has a very rare and attractive tall 6 sided form, and the base is really different with the 6 pie shaped sections. We can’t think of another bitters bottle with this form.

The Cinchona tree grows in the tropical Andean forests of western South America. Quinine is extracted from it’s bark. It is the only economically practical source of Quinine, a drug that is still recommended for the treatment of malaria.

Albert H. Adams is listed in the Buffalo, New York directories, in 1864, 1865 and 1866, as a clerk and bookkeeper for E. Dexter Loveridge. Loveridge made the famous Wahoo Bitters. In the 1867, 1868, and 1869 Buffalo directories Adams is listed as having his own business making Cinchona Bitters. By 1870 he is out of the bitters business and is listed as a bookkeeper.

We feel this is an extremely rare and important bottle and the only example we have seen in almost 50 years of dealing and collecting bottles. We have made inquires to collectors in Buffalo to find out if they know of any examples that are in collections in the Buffalo area and they don’t know of any! It is possible this bottle is unique!

Included with the bottle is an interesting note from the previous owners that was rolled up and inside the bottle.

In conclusion this is a lot of information but we feel it is all interesting and informative. Clearly this is a special bottle and one of the best we have ever had the privilege of owning. It would make a great addition to any Bitters collection. Sold

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