Item BT439, F-80L, a Fancy Labeled Bitters Bottle with No Embossed Lettering, the Label was for BEN FRANKLIN BITTERS OR POOR RICHARD’S TONIC, the color is yellow topaz at the top shading to yellowish amber at the bottom, 9 ½” high, bold embossing, it has a Sand Chip Pontil with a lot of gray iron oxide mixed in, it has a very nice crude “drippy” applied top, has thousands of tiny to small bubbles in the glass, it has a tiny (1/16”) flake on one of the rings otherwise perfect condition, this unusual and attractive bottle is usually found in shades of green but is very rare in amber. The last auction price I have for an amber example was way back in 1990. This product was from New Haven Connecticut and was only in business from 1861 to 1863, $2,500

Note: The color of the bottle is more like picture #4

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